Porch Pirates

As consumer habits shift toward e-commerce, deliveries become targeted. USA Today reported that in 2017, 30% of Americans experienced package theft. “Porch Pirates” are essentially shoplifters who are moving their theft from the store to your door. While oftentimes these are shipments you ordered, the OCP also reported how these criminals could be stealing items they ordered in your name (called “hot package” scams). Tracking the package helps you know where your package is so you could retrieve it as soon as it arrives. In fact, these criminals have been known to follow UPS and FedEx trucks and scoop up packages as they are dropped off. But what about shipments arriving during the work day? The work around is to ship to the office, to a relative you know is home, ship to in-store pickups (where available). If you’re shopping through Amazon, you could also investigate Amazon Lockers, the Amazon Key Smart Lock Kit, or the Amazon Key In-Car Delivery. Other tips include:

  1. Installing a front-door security camera
  2. Posting a warning sign
  3. Installing a package theft alarm
  4. Install a motion activated spotlight
  5. Install a lockbox for deliveries
  6. Scheduling deliveries for when you are home (where possible)

Montgomery County Office of Consumer Protection (OCP