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Balcony Railings

It is each owners responsibility to maintain their balcony railings.

Railings must be painted black gloss or semi gloss.

Street Signs Upgraded

We have upgraded the street signs at the entrances.

Dog Park

All residents are welcome to use the Dog Park along Diamondback Drive.

Electronic Billing Opt-In

Homeowners can sign up to receive the billing statement via email instead of a paper bill through USPS by emailing a request to the Abaris Realty, Inc. billing department at billingdept@abarisrealty.com. Ensure that your email submission includes the property address...

Energy Scams:

A caller identifying himself as “Greg Miller” (and other names) calling from PEPCO warning the consumer that their power would be shut off due to unpaid bills.  The caller leaves a toll-free number and extension.  When the consumer calls that number back, the outgoing...

Porch Pirates

As consumer habits shift toward e-commerce, deliveries become targeted. USA Today reported that in 2017, 30% of Americans experienced package theft. “Porch Pirates” are essentially shoplifters who are moving their theft from the store to your door. While...

Owners & Residents Welcome at Board Meetings

Owners and residents are welcome to attend monthly meetings of your board of directors.

Preventing & Thawing Frozen Pipes

Make sure that heat is getting to your patio or balcony closet. There is a vent from your heating system in the closet – make sure it is open….

No Grills Allowed

Montgomery County Law on Outdoor Cooking: No gas-fired, charcoal, or electric grills or other cooking appliances are permitted to be used nor stored inside the residence, storage areas, on balconies, or patios. County law requires A minimum distance of 20 feet from...

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