Online Pet Licensing Services Now Available

By law, dogs and cats over 4 months of age must wear current rabies and pet license tags. It can save your pet’s life. An immediately visible license tag on your pet’s collar is the fastest way to be reunited with your lost pet and is only issued with proof of regular vaccination against the deadly rabies virus. The rabies tag issued by your veterinarian is not your county license.

The user-friendly service makes it easier for pet owners to comply with Montgomery County law that requires a pet license for all dogs and cats four months of age or older. All that is needed is a current rabies vaccination certificate and a credit card.

A license is still required even if a pet is always confined on private property, remains indoors exclusively or lives on a farm. The fine for an unregistered/licensed pet is $100. The fine for not having a dog or cat vaccinated for rabies is $500.

In addition to the new online licensing program, residents can obtain a license through the mail or in-person at the Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center, 7315 Muncaster Mill Rd., Derwood, as long as they have written proof of a current rabies vaccination.

Info on how to Register

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